About Us

Cayla Rimmell


Hi, My name is Cayla Rimmell

I am just your average nineteen year old seeking fulfillment in her life. I crave adventure and the understanding about culture.

All my life I have never been without a book in my hand. Books are what have defined me as a person. I could spend hours talking about the book I am currently reading. Thus, I have created a place where I can share all my thoughts about reading!


I also have been raised in a family who are major travel bugs! I think what started the whole traveling thing is that I was born into a family of South Africans. I am not truly an American. Yes, I became a citizen when I was in 5th grade. You see, I was born in Gaborone, Botswana, but I consider myself a South African. I came to America when I was three. Ever since my first plane ride at that age, my family and I never stopped traveling to see the world. And I will not stop now.

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Madeline Rasberry

Hi! My name is Madeline Rasberry (yes, my last name is a fruit)!

To get to me better, I’d like to share a little bit about myself.

I am an eighteen year old girl that loves adventure, and trying new and exciting things! I go to the University of Michigan Flint. I absolutely love working with people and this is the reason why I decided to study nursing. It’s also the reason I became an orientation leader because helping incoming students become excited to enter into college is an amazing and fun expeirence.

I also work at a library because…well…I’m constantly surrounded by books, movies, and people. What’s better than that?

Lastly, I’m lucky to say my life is surrounded by family, friends, and lots of adventure as I journey through college. I decided I wanted to tell the world about my experiences through navigating school, relationships, jobs, and this crazy world. Oh! And sharing my short stories to my followers as well.