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MINI BOOK REVIEW- The Wizard of Oz

Title- The Wizard of Oz  (Oz series #1)

Author- L. Frank Baum

Published by- Penguin in 1900

Genre- Classics, Fantasy, Children

Page number- 154

Place I purchased it- R&B Used Bookstore

Rating- 4 stars

Synopsis- “Come along, Toto,” she said. “We will go to the Emerald City and ask the Great Oz how to get back to Kansas again.”’Swept away from her home in Kansas by a tornado, Dorothy and her dog Toto find themselves stranded in the fantastical Land of Oz. As instructed by the Good Witch of the North and the Munchkins, Dorothy sets off on the yellow brick road to try and find her way to the Emerald City and the Wizard of Oz, who can help her get home.With her companions the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion, Dorothy experiences an adventure full of friendship, magic and danger. A much-loved children’s classic, The Wizard of Oz continues to delight readers young and old with its enchanting tale of witches, flying monkeys and silver shoes.

Dear Book lovers,

We all have the urge to read beloved children classics every once in a while. I had the yearning to read The Wizard of Oz recently. I have always loved The Wizard of Oz. 

I lately learned the history of Frank Baum’s thought process to creating this story. Frank was inspired by everything around him from the time he was a child to the time he started to write the story. His school road was of yellow brick, scarecrows were everywhere in his hometown, he sold oil cans for rusting tin, his late niece was the character Dorothy, and Chicago was the inspiration for the Emerald City.

I was truly fascinated that Baum created such a magical and phenomenal world by taking elements from his life. Elements that were either depressing or successful.

As a little girl, I have always loved the story. Even now, I love the story and whenever I got a chance, I would watch different adaptations to the films.

The Wizard of Oz is one of the best childhood stories around!



QUESTION: What is your favorite children’s classic? Leave your comments down below!



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