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Top 5 Wednesday- Favorite Bromances

Hello book lovers!

I am so sorry for not keeping up with all my posts! This is the first week of college for me, so I have been settling into my classes and getting homework done. I think by the end of this week I will hopefully be back into a routine schedule where I won’t be so absent. I promise!

So anyway, here is a post for this week’s Top 5! This week is all about the bromances. Now, it was hard for me to recall all the bromances that I liked because I don’t think I have read enough books with a strong bromance. I basically had to really dig to find my favorite bromances.

But without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite bromances!


Isaac and Augustus from Fault in our Stars by John Green

We don’t get to see much of their friendship, but when we do it is the most compassionate and heart-warming relationship ever. It absolutely makes me hurt ache for how amazing their friendship is.


George and Simon from Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare and multiple other authors 

This is another friendship that we don’t get to witness as much. They met each other by being roommates at the academy, and they kind of stick together because they both know and feel like the outsiders at the academy.


Fezzik and Inigo from The Princess Bride annotated by William Goldman

They appear to be more like co-workers rather than friends at the beginning of the adventure, but it is soon unraveled that it is more than that. They have each other’s backs. They support each other and are the greatest friends out there.


Alec and Jace from City of Bones by Cassandra Clare 

I have always loved there relationship. They sometimes don’t agree with each other and fight often, but if the other needs them then they will be there in a heart beat. They are the truest friends known to mankind.


Jem and Will from Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Originally Jace and Alec would have been at the top of my favorite bromances, but after I read the Infernal Devices trilogy, I couldn’t get enough of Jem and Will. Will tends to push people away, but he simply cant push Jem away. Jem is always there for Will even though he is ill. He would give up his life for Will if it would save him, and Will would do the same for Jem.

As you may have noticed, Cassandra Clare writes the best bromances in my opinion. I am obsessed with them!

So as I said before I promise that I will try to keep up to date with my routine posts. It is just that being the first week of college is always one of the hardest weeks because everyone is trying to adapt to a new schedule and get a feel for the upcoming semester.

I will write some more soon!



QUESTION: What are your favorite bromances? Leave your comments below!


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