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I have BIG dreams of what I want to experience in my life time. Unfortunately, I’m a college student so of course, some of these ideas I can only dream about until I have a concrete job after I earn a degree. So I created a bucket list because it gets me so excited for what’s to come in my life! I hope this inspires you to get excited as well and to plan your own bucket list!

Places I Want to Visit

Go to Japan

Go to Rome

Go to New York City during Christmas time

Go to Disney World

Go to Universal

Go to Bora Bora

Go to the Kentucky Derby

Go to a masquere ball

Go to Boston

Go to New Zealand

Go to Spain


Go to France

Go to Las Vegas

Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Go to Salem

Go to Scotland

Go to Hawaii

Go to Comic Con

Go to the Mall of America

Go to Venice

Go to world youth day

Go to Mardi Gra in New Orleans

Go to all 50 states

Go to Greece

Things I Want to Do

Ride a horse on the beach

Shop in Paris

Kiss a dolphin

Go to a spa

Go on a train trip

Walk through a wisteria flower tunnel

Swim with a beluga whale

A lock on the love lock bridge

Go on a hot air balloon

Ride in a horse and carriage in winter

Take a road trip across the US in a RV

Go on a girls vacation

Image result for girls vacation

Give my parents an amazing vacation

Volunteer in another country

Make my room look perfect

Drink a Guinness in Ireland

Go to a chocolate factory

Star gaze in the back of a pick up truck

Eat sushi in Japan

Write a book

See a Broadway play

Send a message in a bottle

Have a Harry Potter marathon

Have a Disney movie marathon

Get tickets to see Ellen DeGeneres

Build a stuffed animal at Build a Bear

Have my own garden

Study abroad

Have a Christmas movie marathon

Eat lobster in Maine

Go on an ice skating date

Go on a date to Cross Roads Village

Swim in the rain

Spend New Years Eve in NYC

Plant a tree

Ride in a limo

Have a legit picnic

Attend a cooking class

Things I Want to Buy

Buy an RV

Buy camping gear

Buy a camera

Buy skiis

Buy kayacks

Buy my first home

Personal Goals 

Earn a bachelors degree

Earn a masters degree

Get a good job

Continue to be an optimist

Marry the love of my life

Learn self defense

Have an amazing social media page

Be a great photographer

Make a youtube

Own a coffee shop

Become a published author

Volunteer once a month

Graduate college with honors

Have my dream job

Continue to be happy

Become closer to God every day

Learn to sew

Learn to knit

Learn to surf

Travel somewhere new every year

Be a maid of honor

Get my pilots license

Have a family one day

Have my own library in my house

Learn to cook

Learn to bake


Get abs

Get a butt

Eat healthy constantly

Compete in a color run

Run everyday

Improve my tennis skills


Bike more often

What do you think? What else should I add to my list? Let me know!


Maddy 🙂


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